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If you want to manifest your wildest dreams with a heckload
more grace, this is where you begin.

Enter a new paradigm of living where you release lifetimes of shame, punishment, and all the
subservient, frigged-up money and self-worth nonsense.

What do you get in RICH

(Valued AT $1997)
Ipad air Ipad air

Launch into money and magic in 2 hours with this incredible packaging, positioning, and sales masterclass

Be a fly on the wall in these 2 x 1 hour recorded video classes and gain the knowledge to
skyrocket your sales, create client-magnetizing copy, and pitch perfect pricing. My private clients
are paying $10,000+ to get this content. This training is loaded with tips on how to master the
sales process and draw in more clients with a heckload more ease. You’ll listen to the classes over
and over again, finding new inspiration each time.

You’ll learn:

  • how to speak to your clients and tell them exactly what you do, so they’re happy to pay you the big bucks.
  • how to take your offers from drab to fab by following my LASER LUCID DIVA process.
  • what to do when people say ‘you’re too expensive’ or ‘I don’t have the money’—you’ll discover how to end that nightmare forever.
  • how to prep for livestreams and sales calls (even if you’re really f*cking uncomfortable selling your sacred work … it’s time to overcome that fear……… it’s harmful, draining and it has to freaking go! ).
  • how to be a fierce leader and RICH DIVA who owns her message and the power of her offer with grace and love.

I also edit copy for offers and opt-ins during the masterclass, so you can see exactly how to craft your message to powerfully inspire people to hit the buy button.


You get the following deep healing initiation


Million Dollar Diva Priestess Code Series

Leading kinesiologist and priestess healer Rachel
presents 6 divine sacred healings to clear and cleanse
your DNA patterning as you detox old stories, raise your
resonance for riches, and reprogram your mind! In these
6 divine classes, you’ll journey through powerful
processes to gently and profoundly shift the way you
think about your worth, how you run your business, take
up space, and manage, receive, and build your financial
wealth. Get ready to live in a completely new rich femme
vortex as you rewire your frequency on a cellular level. It’s
time to be a Million Dollar Diva Boss!

(VALUED AT $3000)
Iphone initiation Iphone initiation
  • THE MONEY CREATRIX MATRIX: Clear issues around launching your business,
    charging, and receiving divine compensation for your
    sacred work by rewiring your relationship to money forever.
  • BODACIOUS BOUNDARIES: Identify and establish healthy physical, mental, emotional,
    and energetic boundaries to own your power, speak from your heart, and no longer
    put up with sh#t.
  • THE VOICE AND VISIBILITY VIXEN: Clear your fear of being seen and standing in your
    truth, and instead take up space with confidence and allow yourself to shine like the
    super diva leader you were born to be.
  • FREEDOM GODDESS: Stop quitting on yourself! Clear sabotaging behaviors and
    negative beliefs that keep you stuck in low self-worth forever. Allow yourself to rise
    without drama!
  • DIVINE MOTHER GODDESS: Release your mother trauma, connect to a higher realm
    of love and divine mother consciousness, and open your heart and soul to a deep level
    of trust, love, and femme magic.
  • DIVINE FATHER ALCHEMY: Clear out poverty consciousness from the paternal side
    and welcome in a deep sense of peace, power, and prosperity.

Plus get access to these juicy as EFF bonuses

to make sure you shed the scarcity mindset and
not-enoughness belief forever:

Plus get access to these juicy as EFF
to make sure you shed the scarcity
mindset and not-enoughness belief forever:

Ipad air money miracle matrix


The Money Miracle Matrix Workbook

Speed up creation and manifesting with this

power-packed guide! {$147 value}

You’ll claim what you truly desire and start

bringing it into your life in real ways. This

workbook will help you invoke and
connect to your desire, so you
can create it


3 x 90 minute video masterclass trainings
to restore your
relationship with money:

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The holy and divine money process to
create a new wealth setpoint {$1000 value}

Purify your past, your
space and your vibration and
release all past stories and frequencies with this powerful masterclass.
You will also purify your relationship with
money, your work and your relationships as
you create a new cellular set point that
beams with juicy and divine love and wealth!

Get ready to activate your Priestess power,
pleasure and purpose!

Masterclass 1

Energy Empress

Harness and amplify your energy in
self-love to rise into more love, abundance
and cash flow {$1000 value}

Release all beliefs around rescuing, saving
or carrying others in order to feel safe and
connected. Create sustaining, nourishing
relationships where you give and receive in
equal measure. Release all paradigms of
struggle and scarcity as you reclaim your
divine femme power.

Masterclass 2

From overwhelm to overflow

Shift from anxiety and sacrifice to juicy
healing & abundance {$1000 value}

Release the pattern of spinning out as you
ascend and claim your grounded
nourishment as you grow and ascend. It
doesn’t have to be hard, it's about alignment
of mind and energy. Learn how to process
your emotion so that you can provide a safe
space for others. Claim a warm, divine, safe
inviting space for your relationship with
yourself and your clients.

Masterclass 3

Total value: $8,114

Get it today for only $3,000


This offer ends in …

Impact: Master your mindset for divinely charged days, every day!

This offer ends in …

See what

my divine, femme-powered clients
have been able to create—



angelic channel and business mentor

'I made $300K in 9 months. Within 4 weeks
of working with Ingrid, I brought in an
additional $23K in income from one webinar,
and within 3 months I had my biggest
launch to date.’



feminine mastery coach

‘I sold $28,000 in retreat packages in 3 days
following Ingrid’s Rich Diva Millionista Sales




‘I sold my first $40,000 offer paid in FULL by
following Ingrid’s healing process and then
went on to sell out my first online course.’

This offer ends in …

Meet your

Rich diva millionista team

Ingrid Arna

Ingrid Arna:

strategist, priestess and all
around badass woman!

Ingrid Arna stands for the political, social, and economic empowerment of all women. She’s here to help women WAKE the eff up and come home to their sacred financial sovereignty. Ingrid Arna is a leading 7-figure business strategist and the founder of the Gucci of online business programs, High-End Empire, Six Figure Diva and Million Dollar Diva. She's been endorsed by Kate Winslet for her work and featured in:


Ingrid leads visionary entrepreneurs into conscious wealth and global impact without sacrificing their lady mojo!

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are increasing her prices tenfold and giving up her thongs for granny pants. She’s never been happier.

Rachel Furdas

Rachel furdas:

mystic, medium and
change maker

Rachel is a kinesiologist, healer, and naturopath who has spent the past 35 years immersed in the practice of healing in its many forms. She approaches her clients with curiosity, receptivity, and compassion, knowing that deep listening and presence are essential in helping them find their unique path to healing and spiritual integration. Her work is profound. As a medium and energy worker, Rachel weaves the philosophy of inter-connectivity between body, mind, and consciousness into her work and life. Rachel has the self-proclaimed 'best job on the planet' and nothing gives her greater joy than to witness women awaken to their own divinity.

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